First job of the year was to produce a ‘This is your life’ style voice over track for the organisation HeartnSoul. The audio had to be grand and full of celebrational gravitas, as the opener of a special tribute night to honour their co-founder Pino Frumiento (www.heartnsoul.co.uk). 
Inventive Audio also plan and begin an educational project for the Roundhouse, producing four episodes of a radio drama soap opera to be broadcast on their internet radio station (http://www.roundhouseradio.org.uk). 
At the end of the month we record and produce backing vocal sessions for an imminently to be released EP by guitarist singer songwriter Laurence Amery. (http://www.myspace.com/laurenceamerymusic)http://www.roundhouseradio.org.ukshapeimage_2_link_0
Inventive Audio begins recording and co-producing new songs with the fantabulous Fish Police. Fronted by the genius called Dean Rodney, this humour packed punky funk trio are a dancefloor gas when they play live. So into the studio they came last year for the first recordings towards their imminent album. And in they came again this month for a second round. Jim Carey is spending many, sweaty but creative hours in the studio with Charles Stuart, Grace Jones’ current musical director and the Fish Police’s musical mentor, co-producing and engineering their album ( http://www.thefishpolice.com).
This month Inventive Audio also records, edits and produces an audio annual report for the arts organisation HeartnSoul. Four of their regular members with learning difficulties ‘performed’ the annual report in front of one our fancy microphones. Their voice- overs are then edited together, peppered with a little music and manufactured into a CD to be included with the written version of the report.
We also remix a track for Lizzie Emeh, another of HeartnSoul’s big breakthrough artists, to be included on her new album due for launch at the Southbank in September as part of London Jazz Week.
Inventive Audio also went to Florence, Italy this month to record church sounds and reverbs.http://www.thefishpolice.comshapeimage_4_link_0
Inventive Audio conducts a three day educational course in music mixing and ProTools for City University.
We record live performances from The Squidz Club for HeartnSoul and mix the subsequent audio for film.
We have also been commissioned as musical director and sound designer for the opening of the new £7 million UK Centre for Carnival Arts due to take place in May. This month we make a start.
Inventive Audio begins consultation work on a new film destined for cinema release but about which we can’t tell you anything right now. Sorry bout that.
Work on the Fish Police album continues.
Work on the sound design for the launch of the UK Centre for Carnival Arts continues in conjunction with Walk The Plank.
Work on the feature film we can’t tell you anything about continues.
Inventive Audio also conducted a three day ‘Sound Design for Theatre’ educational project and continues with the radio drama project at the Roundhouse.
The month begins with an enormous show in Luton. Having designed the sound and remixed/made all the music, Inventive Audio triggers the sounds for the launch event for the UK Centre for Carnival Art in Luton. The audio was produced in close collaboration with the UKCCA with artistic direction and overall production by Walk The Plank.
This is followed by a visit to Dublin to record irish pub and street bustle as part of an ongoing project to capture the idiosyncratic sounds of european cities.
Inventive Audio records live performances from HeartnSoul’s Beautiful Octopus Club at The Albany in Deptford. We subsequently mix all the audio for film.
Originally built by Tower Hamlets Council four years ago and now produced by Kinetika Arts International, Inventive Audio creates the ongoing sound design and bespoke music for a large electro-mechanical Bengali Tiger. This  month we built the 12v sound system and triggered the audio as it snarled it way round the streets of Tower Hamlets for the Baishaki Mela (Brick Lane). The ‘snarling’ sound design includes the purring of Inventive Audio’s studio cat, pitched down two octaves. Terrifying.
We also engineer a recording session with HeartnSoul’s emerging new band Jazztronics.
Inventive Audio begins an educational project at the Roundhouse based on a sound design for a new play ‘Your Numbers Up’, which opens at the Roundhouse in early June and goes up for 23 nights at the Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Festival in August (http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/studios/roundhouse-theatre-company).
The Fish Police sessions continue in the ProTools studio at the Albany Deptford, as does the Radio Drama educational project at the Roundhouse.
Inventive Audio is commissioned to produce a guerilla marketing trailer for a very large show. We are also commissioned to produce the sound design for the show. But we can’t tell you anything more about it just yet.
Now we can now reveal that the show we were commissioned to work on in May is Banksy Vs Bristol Museum. Working under the utmost secrecry we spend a busy week on site installing sound equipment and finishing the sound design to fit the venue. You can see the resulting trailer, produced in close collaboration with the artist, on www.banksy.co.uk. Various parts of the sound design received a mention in the press. “the enveloping sound of chicken nuggets eating” (The Sunday Times) and “the ghostly chimes of a melting ice cream van” (The Guardian). The show is a well recommended winner, packed with the work of a prolific zeitgeist artist, and is on til September.

inventive Audio finish the sound design educational project on ‘Your Numbers Up’ and the play opens at the Roundhouse for three sold out nights.

Inventive Audio masters 10 backing tracks for one of HeartnSoul’s main acts, Lizzie Emeh. She will perform a live PA with the backing tracks for her album launch at the Southbank Centre in September as part of London Jazz Week. 

We finish the month with the annual DJing adventures at Glastonbury Festival, providing DJ music between various acts on ‘The Other Stage’: bands like Paulo Nutini, Franz Ferdinand and Bat for Lashes. Bat for Lashes were particularly top draw.http://www.banksy.co.ukshapeimage_12_link_0
This month Inventive Audio carries out more studio work on the Fish Police album (see earlier months for more details).

We provide stage management for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing live in a park in Islington, as well as Shoreditch Festival (culminating is an electrifying performance from the mighty Hypnotic Brass Ensemble).

We also provide MCing, DJing and stage management for the annual Ealing Jazz Festival.

Inventive Audio are commissioned to create the sound design for a new website called Real Roles. Designed to be accessible, fun and understandable to the widest audience, the website will provide a hub of information for people involved in furthering the careers of people with learning disabilities.
This month began and ended with Inventive Audio running a week long recording, mixing and mastering educational project at the EMI Roundhouse Studios in Chalk Farm. This included producing a track for a young upcoming indie artist called Ken Kobayashi, now available on his website (myspace.com/kenkobayashi) and ach of the projects was attended by six aspiring sound engineer/producers.

Inventive Audio was also commissioned by Jazz Umbrella to record and mix a live gig by the Mercury Prize nominated jazz-with-great-attitude outfit, Polar Bear. A gig performed at the Crypt Club in Camberwell. A selection of the gig is line up for inclusion on a forthcoming compilation album.

The rest of the month was spent working on the audio for a feature length documentary, due for cinema release next Spring. Due to various reasons we are contractually obliged to tell you nothing more about it for now. Tantalising we know...but go with it. For now.
The majority of every single day of this month has been spent burning the midnight oil on a documentary feature film due for cinema release in the spring of 2010. Yeah, that’s right, the one we can’t tell you about just yet; except to say that Inventive Audio has been majorly involved in recording voice over, foley, script consultancy, offline mixing. It’s gonna be one of the stand out films of all time......but blimey oh riley....due to a myriad of factors idiosyncratic to the subject matter of the film.........the project is crawling across the finish-line like a snail with arthritis.

By burning the candle at all three ends, Inventive Audio also managed to fit in a mastering session for hot hot cool punk funkers, the Fish Police. Seven backing tracks mastered in our AT9 Studio; made fat and ready for the band’s important industry showcase at the Decibel Festival in Manchester.

Inventive Audio also began a ten week educational project teaching Sound Engineering, Mixing and Mastering to six under-25 year old aspiring producers, one evening a week at the EMI Roundhouse Studios in North London.
Another eclectically busy month for Inventive Audio..... a little sleepless but far from dull.

inventive Audio is commissioned by Jazz Umbrella to record and mix a performance by renowned jazz saxophonist, Bob Martin, at the Crypt Club in Camberwell, South London. A former member of the legendary Buddy Rich’s Band, Bob Martin is a proper old school US jazz musician and has played with a myriad of great names including Arethra Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Inventive Audio took a ProTools rig into the club and recorded Bob’s quartet which included Steve Fishwick on trumpet.

Inventive Audio is commissioned to create a 14 minute sound track for Brent Council’s Diwali Festival Fireworks finale attended by around 20,000 people. You can see bits of the show on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlFsMlVeQl0 and at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DhB3qKqK48

Inventive Audio also records, mixes and masters three bands taking part in the Roundhouse Emerging Proms. Shadowed by six aspiring music producers we record tracks from folk outfit, Stars of the Sunday League - downbeat electronica artist, GoldPanda - and post apocalyptic rockers, Stavin Chains.

Inventive Audio is commissioned by Roundhouse Studios to produce five episodes of ‘Going Out’, a radio drama written by the award winning and much acclaimed young writer, Ella Hickson (http://www.pfd.co.uk/client/ella_hickson/). Shadowed by aspiring sound designers and radio producers, the project will result in five episodes broadcast on Roundhouse Radio in January 2010.

Inventive Audio also took part in a Radio 4 Today programme news piece about singer Lizzie Emeh. Lizzie’s album, which was partly produced and mixed by Jim Carey from Inventive Audio, is the first commercially produced album by an artist with learning disabilities and is released on HeartnSoul’s new record label. Lizzie launched her album - ‘Loud and Proud’ - at the South Bank early this month and the Today Programme sent a reporter down to the studio a couple of days before to record some interviews and performances with Lizzie, Mark Williams from HeartnSoul and Jim Carey from Inventive Audio. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8298000/8298300.stm)

Inventive Audio also completed the sound effects and voice over for RealRoles, a new website designed as a resource for people responsible for educating people with learning disabilities. (www.realroles.net)

There’s also more work on the cinema release film we cannae tell yerz about.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlFsMlVeQl0http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlFsMlVeQl0http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8298000/8298300.stmhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8298000/8298300.stmhttp://www.realroles.netshapeimage_33_link_0shapeimage_33_link_1shapeimage_33_link_2shapeimage_33_link_3shapeimage_33_link_4
This month Inventive Audio recorded and mixed three jazz gigs at The Crypt Jazz Club in Camberwell (South London), for live transmission via broadband into Second Life. Jazz Umbrella, who run the Crypt Jazz Club, gathered three top digital artists to create a virtual jazz club online. And, in an experimental project part sponsored by the Arts Council, they commissioned Inventive Audio to record and mix three separate performances for simultaneous broadcast online. As a support act we also had an Argentinean jazz saxophonist playing in his studio in Buenos Aires and broadcasting live to both the virtual jazz club online and the real jazz club back in London. The three class jazz acts we recorded were the Gareth Lochrane Septet, the Dave O Higgins Quintet and The Partizans. Despite the difficult technical aspects of making this all happen, the live broadcasts went largely without a hitch with all kinds of cyber freaks around the world joining in!

A large number of working days this month have been taken up with Inventive Audio’s major involvement with with the sound for a major feature film to debut at the Sundance Film Festival in February.

At the end of the month Inventive Audio were also commissioned by HeartnSoul to record a live performance of The Fish Police for use in their upcoming promo film. And at the beginning of the month The Fish Police played the Decibel Festival in Manchester using backing tracks co-produced and mastered by Jim Carey from Inventive Audio. They were named as one of the three best acts by one of America’s biggest tour promoters and have been subsequently been invited to play at the Lincoln Jazz Festival in New York in 2010
Almost the entirety of this month was taken up working on the sound for the cinema release feature that we’ve mentioned umpteenth times over the past few months but can’t name names just yet. One way or another Jim Carey from Inventive Audio has been working as Head of Sound for this feature since February last year. Due for a first showing at the Sundance Festival in the US in late January.

Despite these feature length preoccupations, Inventive Audio also squeezed time in the diary to engineer a live recording of the Dub Pistols at the Albany in Deptford. 

Another round of recordings and production sessions for the upcoming Fish Police album completed a far from restive festive month.
Most of this month was taken up by further audio work on the mighty feature film that, up until now, has known no name. We can now reveal that the film is called ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ and played to enthusiastic audiences at the Sundance Festival in Utah on January 24. It plays at the Berlin Film Festival on Feb 15 and will hit general UK cinema release on March 5. You can check out some of the early reviews at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8471145.stm

Inventive Audio also began running two new sound engineering courses at The Roundhouse this month, as well as providing voice over for more developments of the RealRoles website project we have mentioned in previous diary updateshttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8471145.stmhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8471145.stmhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8471145.stmhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8471145.stmhttp://latimesblogs.latimes.com/movies/2010/01/sundance-2010-banksy.htmlhttp://latimesblogs.latimes.com/movies/2010/01/sundance-2010-banksy.htmlshapeimage_51_link_0shapeimage_51_link_1shapeimage_51_link_2shapeimage_51_link_3shapeimage_51_link_4shapeimage_51_link_5


Audio work on The Exit Through the Gift Shop continued this month. A few adjustments to the audio were required after the well reviewed opening at the Sundance Festival. And various other bits and pieces included the audio for a trailer for UK cinema’s and recording Banksy’s introductory speech for the Berlin Film Festival.

Meanwhile the film opened in a specially made cinema built in a tunnel under Waterloo Station in London and named The Lambeth Palace. Inventive Audio was involved in spec’ing the 5.1 surround sound system for the cinema, which not only had to counter the heavy bass rumbling from trains passing overhead but also had to be defined enough in its focusing to avoid a reverb mash up of brick tunnel proportions. Despite the potential for the sound to be utterly ruined in a difficult environment, a good job was made of it. Tickets for the film (two showings a day on weekdays and three on Saturday) sold out in 1 minute!

Inventive Audio were also commissioned to provide the ambient music for the tunnel and a suitable selection of lounge classics for the ice cream van which served as the cinema’s bar and popcorn dispensary.

Recording sessions this month have included Mariner’s Children (a young indie folk band with strong songs) and The Halcyon Quartet, a classical foursome made up cello, viola and two violins playing a selection of Mendelssohn pieces.

This month has also involved more work on the radio drama commissioned by the Roundhouse as well as some audio mastering work for Jazz Umbrella


More audio work this month for the DVD extras that will be included when Exit Through the Gift Shop goes into the shops.

The film received lots of critical acclaim after opening in British cinemas on March 5, although many reviewers seem to think the film is a mockumentary rather than a documentary; a sure sign that the truth can sometimes be too fantastic to believe!

Here are links to a few reviews:

The Daily Telegraph


The Guardian


The Observer


Independent on Sunday


The film opens in cinemas in the United States in early April and at the same time will feature at the Istanbul Film Festival.

Inventive Audio has been involved in more recording and mixing work with The Fish Police in Inventive Audio’s AT9 Studio. A four track EP will be commercially released in June. The Fish Police are to appear on the main stage bill at the Paradise Gardens Festival in East London in June and then on to Glastonbury Festival before heading to New York to headline at the Lincoln Jazz Centre. A short promo film that Inventive Audio produced the audio for can be found at http://www.thefishpolice.com

Inventive Audio has also been carrying out educational work up at the Roundhouse in north London. This month we’ve been teaching audio mixing skills to undergraduates from City University studying for a Creative Industries degree.

Inventive Audio also voiced the MBE testimonials for Heart n Soul’s Pino Frumiento, creating a specially produced audio CD. Jim Carey engineered a live recording of Pino’s big gig at the Albany in Deptford at the end of the month and mixed the recording for film.



This month Inventive Audio took the Exit Through The Gift Shop film over to present at the Istanbul Film Festival. The screenings were sold out and, despite being subtitled in Turkish, the crowd seemed get most of the jokes in the film, even the drier very British ones! The film earned itself a round of applause from the cinema audience every time it was shown. Never one to waste an opportunity we also did hundreds of ambient recordings around the city, so if anyone needs any audio of some thronging market places or hundreds of muezzins calling a city to prayer, you know where to come!

Inventive also completed the production of the five episode radio drama ‘Going Out’ for the Roundhouse. The drama is currently being serialised on Roundhouse Radio.


The organisation HeartnSoul are exploring an opportunity of producing music for the 2012 Paralympics, so Inventive Audio were commissioned to remix some of their vast catalogue of music into a selection of beds and stings for use on the TV coverage of the games.

Inventive Audio have also begun working with theatre director, Jim Pope, and scriptwriter, Phillip Osment, to produce the sound design for a new play bound for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The play, called ‘Virtually True’, explores the nether world between the virtual violence and electronic dislocation of online war gaming and the trauma of real life war experiences. Lots of people overuse the word ‘exciting’ in the world of theatre and film, but the way Jim and Phillip work with the Roundhouse Theatre Group produces genuinely innovative, provocative theatre. This year’s offering had a public scratch in late April at the Roundhouse, and has already shaped itself into an impactful piece of work. It opens at the Roundhouse in late June before performing at Bestival and then onto a three week run at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh.

Finally Inventive Audio finished teaching a mixing and mastering course for City University undergraduates, and then flew to Crete to record Greek Orthodox Monks chanting and lots of very loud crickets rubbing their legs together.

The first week of May was spent in Crete sticking our microphones into other people’s business and coming away with a rich set of mediterranean soaked samples. Greek monks chanting along with a bush full of ciccada’s .

We’ve engineered several recording sessions for a delicious sounding Pino Frumiento tune.

Inventive Audio commenced a sizeable new course up at the Roundhouse, teaching music/radio and general audio production skills to a group of youth charged with the mission of producing podcast and audio idents for an upcoming three day music festival.

We also continued mixing work for the electro-pop-funk-punk trio The Fish Police and more work on the sound design for an Edinburgh Fringe Festival bound play called ‘@virtually real’


This month saw the continuation of tutoring on the two-days-a-week MediaBox course at the Roundhouse.

The play for which Inventive Audio organised the sound design  - ‘@ Virtually Real’  - opened at the Roundhouse for three nights in preparation for its three week run at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh.

We also mastered an EP for the Fish Police as well as all their instrumental backing tracks. Work also continued on the Pino Frumiento recording, and we began a mixing collaboration with Dubstep producer/DJ BPM.

The month ended up with our annual DJ stints between bands on The Other Stage at Glastonbury Festival, warming up an admittedly already hot crowd before Florence & The Machine, La Roux, Phoenix and The Pet Shop Boys.

2 0 0 9


With the imminent release of Exit Through the Giftshop as a DVD, there was a lot of audio work to be done on the DVD Extra’s this month, and in particular a 15 minute documentary to be included in the package called B-Movie. It’s a well put together documentary about the movie’s director Banksy and is, in many ways, a little version of what everyone thought they were going to see when they went to see the main feature. It commercial release date is in early September.

‘If She Comes to You’, the Pino Frumiento tune mentioned in last month’s project news, was completed this month. With the late addition of a clarinet solo to the already lush arrangement and a full mix in Inventive Audio’s AT9 Studio. The tune will get a digital release later this year.

We also made the finishing touches to the sound design for Vitually Real, the play performed by the Roundhouse Theatre Group that is bound for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Inventive provided stage management services to two one day festivals in Bethnal Green and Shoreditch, organised by Joule Productions. Both days marked by an excellent line up of eclectic world music bands

Inventive Audio also began series of re-mastering projects for the musicians Charles Hayward and Nick Doyne Ditmus. A back catalogue of their music, commercially released in the seventies, benefited considerably from being put through our modern mastering equipment. Helping to the bring out lots of the harmonic  richness of their playing.

Inventive Audio were also asked to provide some music for a future project to do with an episode of The Simpsons. Yes The Simpsons! Can’t tell you anything about it at present but needless to say it’s an exciting project

And the month ended with Inventive Audio’s annual contract to provide stage management, MCing and DJing services to the 5 day Ealing Jazz Festival.

e x t r a - a u d i o n a r y   activities



This month Inventive Audio was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 to produce and present a half hour documentary on the history of ice cream! Interviews for the program began and Jim Carey has already eaten more ice creams this month than in the last ten years.

There was also more audio work to do on the extra’s to be included in the commercial release of ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ on DVD, marking the end of a long and very creative involvement in this phantasmagorical feature film. And still no one believes the story it tells is real!

Inventive Audio was also commissioned to produce an audio version of the 08-09 annual report for the disability arts organisation Heart’n’Soul.

And, continuing our involvement with the soon to be massive electro-funk mad hatters (known to their swelling fanbase as The Fish Police), work began in Inventive Audio’s AT9 studio on four brand new tracks. To be included on their Spring 2011 album release and used as backing tracks in their upcoming gigs in London, Liverpool and New York.


This month we spent two days beside a mighty river, providing DJing, MCing and stage managing services on the World Music Bandstage at the Thames Festival.

The rest of the month was largely taken up with recording, mixing and mastering material for The Fish Police, and with further ice cream excursions associated with the Radio 4 documentary we are producing.


This month Inventive Audio were commissioned to craft the music for a one off title sequence for The Simpsons, storyboarded by Banksy. It aired in the US on October 10 and in the UK on October 23 and you can see it at


Much of the first few weeks of this month were spent preparing new  tracks for The Fish Police in time for their show at the Royal Festival Hall, London on October 8. To that end we had Grace Jones’ backing singers in Inventive Audio’s AT9 studio to provide some lush vocals for three of the new songs. We also mixed and mastered four new backing tracks for the band, before watching them storm the Southbank with their mix of electro hip-hop funk punk and crazy lyrics that.....well... just make you smile out loud! Their eponymously entitled four track EP, recorded, mixed, co-produced and mastered by Jim Carey for Inventive Audio, was launched at the gig and the band did a signing after the show. http://fishpolice.bandcamp.com/track/black-scissors. They have a new website at www.thefishpolice.com


Well the most exciting news this month is that Exit Through The Gift Shop, the feature length doc that Inventive Audio’s Jim Carey was Head of Sound on, has been shortlisted for an Oscar!

The short list of 15 films was announced on Nov 23 and the five nominees from that list will be announced on Jan 23 2011. Fingers crossed.

The film won a prestigious Grierson Award for Most Entertaining Documentary this month. And Inventive Audio recorded the director’s acceptance speech which was aired on the night. [ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11681935 ]

The special Banksy designed intro sequence for The Simpson’s that Inventive Audio crafted the music for last month continues to court controversy, with an interesting article in Time Magazine [ http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2027768,00.html ] amongst a plethora of media aftermath. The You Tube version of the piece [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX1iplQQJTo ] has received over 5 million hits to date with a fair amount of the posted comments asking what the music is. Nice.

And in what has proved to be a mighty interesting month for Inventive Audio, Jim Carey went to New York with The Fish Police to sort out the sound for their gig at the Lincoln Centre. A fair size crowd showed up on a day of relentless rain and very much got into the show, getting the humour which oozes from their performance almost straight away. The boys did good. [ www.thefishpolice.com ]

Inventive Audio also recorded and produced an audio version of an annual report 09-10 for the disability (that should read ‘different’ ability!) arts organisation Heart n Soul. Their spirited but inexperienced voice over artists proved a challenging edit but it all came good in the end and was quite moving in parts. Can’t say that about many annual reports!


A relatively quiet month for Inventive Audio. Work continued on the radio documentary we are making for BBC Radio 4 and further sessions on the Dubstep remix tune we are co-creating for Rinse FM.

Inventive Audio’s collection of microphones and recording equipment also flew to Seville in southern Spain in order to gather a selection of samples of church bells and spanish environments.

The big news this month is the Oscar nomination announcement which took place on Jan 25. The run up to the announcement was like watching a penalty shoot out involving your favourite ever team; excruciating and exciting. But unlike most penalty shoot outs involving teams we care about.....we won! And we’re through to the final.

Exit Through The Gift Shop was nominated for an Oscar and will now be one of the five films in contention for the Best Feature Documentary Oscar at the Academy of Motion Pictures ceremony in Los Angeles on February 27.

Produced by Paranoid Pictures and directed by global street artist, Banksy, Exit Through The Gift Shop is a multi-layered melange of anthropology, politics, art, philosophy and belly laughs. Jim Carey, Inventive Audio’s Chief Audio Producer, was a principal crew member on the film as Head of Sound and worked intensively on the production for over two years. Fingers much crossed then. It’s great to be nominated and it’s the taking part that counts and.....well damn it we’d actually like to win the cup final now.

Also this month Inventive Audio began a term of teaching audio production to undergraduates from City University and work continued on the BBC Radio 4 documentary.




The new news this month.... to add to last month’s exciting Oscar nomination... is that Jim Carey has now been nominated for an MPSE Golden Reel award for his audio work on Exit Through The Gift Shop. These are the fanciest awards in movie audio, dished out annually by the Motion Picture Sound Editors guild in the US. The awards ceremony in Los Angeles takes place on Feb 20, a week before the oscars. Evidently chuffed, Jim Carey said: “Having a name like Jim Carey in the movie industry is a bit of pain in the arse. Hopefully this nomination will move my google search presence up from page 10,689 to somewhere nearer 10,123.”

Also this month sees the long delayed release of Courtney Pine’s excellent live album recorded by Inventive Audio’s Jim Carey at The Albany in South London.  You can sample the tunes and buy em if you like em at [ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Live/dp/B003SOGKGS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1285580229&sr=1-1-spell]

Work also continued on the documentary we are making for BBC Radio 4 including this month an interview with Francis Rossi on his south London life before Status Quo.


Alas no gold medal at the Oscars and MPSE Awards. Academy and Golden Reel nominees it remains. Exit Through The Gift Shop did however receive a very enthusiastic round of applause from fellow film audio professionals at the MPSE awards when its name was read out. Jim Carey attended both events in Los Angeles and spent a week visiting the big motion picture sound studios as a guest of Sony Studios, Marvel Studios and Skywalker Ranch.

Exit Through the Gift Shop did win the prestigious Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary in a ceremony in LA three days before the Oscars.

Inventive Audio’s work continues this month with a commission from Greenpeace Nordic. This is to provide a soundtrack with original music and sound effects to accompany a selection of photographic images of the Arctic taken by this year’s winner of the World Press Photo Award, Nick Cobbing. Nick will be recording his voice over commentary in Inventive Audio’s AT9 Studio and this will be woven into the soundtrack bed.

We also have three more days co-producing and mixing a new track with The Fish Police.


This month saw the completion of our ten week music production training course for City University Undergraduates.

Work on the ice cream van documentary for BBC Radio 4 - provisionally entitled ‘Scene of the Chime’ -steps up a gear this month. Although prompted by deadlines, it has somehow felt a very appropriate project to be working on with the gorgeous spring weather here in London. Tis that time of the year again when the air is filled with birdsong and chime.

Inventive Audio completed a consultation and budget assembly project for a £25,000 spend on a major recording studio upgrade for The Albany in Deptford

Inventive Audio has also had a massive tendering month so far. Tenders for 23 radio program and two major outdoor event sound designs have gone in during the first few weeks of April.

The sap is rising.


This month is all about ice cream vans..... recording, editing, presenting and licking a documentary for BBC Radio 4.

Exit Through the Gift Shop nominated for a BAFTA but loses out to Chris Morris’s admittedly fantastic Four Lions.


The BBC Radio 4 documentary dominates this month’s activities. We’re on the final furlong now.

We also began recordings with a trio called Cloud 9

Commissions just in for next month include a brand new EP recording and production for the band The Fish Police, some live events and a new teaching course for students of Radio at the Roundhouse.

And of course the annual DJ duties playing music between bands on The Other Stage at Glastonbury Festival. This year we kept the crowd head nodding before and after.....TV on the Radio, The Vaccines, The Eels, Queens of the Stone Age, Primal Scream, Mumford and Sons and Kaiser Chiefs. Despite the dire warnings of a mud bath it was mostly a sunny Glasters and we had a ball.


The Ice Cream Van Cometh

Documentary. BBC Radio 4. Saturday July 30th 10.30am

Jim Carey celebrates the colourful history of one of our great national treasures……the British ice cream van. For over a hundred years extravagantly painted wagons have delivered extravagant looking ice creams to the streets of Britain. What are the origins of these curvaceous and pastel skinned creatures? And from whence came those glorious chimes?

Carey’s quest leads us headlong into the whippy world of all things ice cream van; a story of art, science, music, cuisine, royalty, turf war and childhood. Francis Rossi [co-founder of Status Quo and ex-ice cream van man], Johnny Vegas [entertainer and ice cream enthusiast] and Banksy [graffiti artist and ice cream van owner] join historians, engineers, and ice cream people to help piece together the story of how ice cream vans have charmed and chimed their way into our subconsciousness as icons of British cultural life.

Written, presented and produced by Jim Carey.




This month Inventive Audio have provided audio FX, foley, music consultation, audio editing, music composition and voice over services for the new Channel 4 documentary ‘The Antics Roadshow’ which broadcast on Channel 4 - August 13. Billed as the “incomplete guide to anarchy” the program was a celebration of some acts of playful craziness in public.

Also this month saw the first UK TV premiere of the Oscar nominated feature documentary ‘Exit Through The The Gift Shop’ on Channel 4 on August 13. If you’re a regular you’ll already know how much Inventive Audio contributed to this multi award winning film. As Head of Sound on this film, Jim Carey from Inventive Audio was nominated for a Golden Reel as Motion Picture Sound Designer of the Year. (see previous diary entries)

This month, Inventive Audio also constructed the generic audio ident for the new TV and film production company, Acme TV.

More production on the final furlong of the fantastic new Fish Police album continued.


‘The Ice Cream Van Cometh’ documentary broadcast on BBC Radio 4 last month received some rave reviews. A slide show of classic ice cream van photographs and a three minute audio trailer of the program (commissioned by BBC Online Magazine) attracted 419,000 visits on the day before broadcast! The Independent newspaper referred to the program as “poetry of a different kind”. Despite this The Sun newspaper ran a two page spread on the program.

Although the program was due to remain on iPlayer for only one week it’s proved so popular it’s been kept available. You can check it out at...


This month we finally completed the co-production and mix for the as yet untitled Fish Police album. Twelve tracks of querky electo funk craziness destined for mastering next month and release next spring.

Inventive Audio also provided stage managing services at Poplar World Music Festival in East London for Joule Productions.

Also this month.....the huge relocation for the company. After 13 years in south east London we are moving our studio to mid south London. It’s an enormous task but we need to be hitting the ground running as soon as possible with more projects imminent.

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